🔁Recapping Fees

Real-yield is generated from the InsanityBets platform. Not only do $ILP holders benefit from the long-term profit of being the counterparty to casino bettors, but $IBET holders benefit from the fees generated from both $ILP holders and bettors.

Here are a list of the fees generated from the $IBET protocol, where 85% goes to derivative holders and 15% to Insanity Lab's Treasury Wallet:

Up to a 1% deposit and withdrawal fee for $ILP liquidity providers.

  • The deposit and withdrawal fee will depend on the amount of $IBET that the $ILP holder has staked or burned.

Up to a 1% winning fee

  • The betting fee depends if the bettor has a referral account set. If there is no referrer set then the following happens:

    • 0.5% is given to the development wallet

    • 0.5% is given to $IBET stakers or burners.

LP Trading Fees (0.3%) - Crypto Industry Standard

  • 50% of it is in $IBET and will be burned and distributed to $IBET derivative holders

  • 50% of it is in $ETH and will be paid out to $IBET stakers or burners.

$ILP Holders

90% of all the wins/losses is shared amongst $ILP holders. 10% of all the wins/losses to Insanity Labs treasury wallet.

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