📖Why Choose Insanity Bets?

InsanityBets is a DeFi Casino platform aiming to be the leading protocol on any blockchain. Our platform's success is driven by our mission to provide a transparent, secure, and community-centric betting experience. We have several reasons why investors should consider joining our mission.

Revenue potential: According to Statista, the revenue from casino games reached $9.37 billion in 2022, with expected growth to $14.02 billion by 2027. As we continue to integrate DeFi into our platform, we have enormous potential to tap into this market and capture a portion of this revenue.

Low house edge and impressive yield: We have set our house edge between 1-5%, which is lower than the industry standard of 5-10%. Despite this, we provide an impressive yield while still ensuring that our tokenomics are not broken, incentivizing a community-centric protocol.

Multiple ways to be involved: With InsanityBets, investors have the opportunity to be involved in various ways, whether as a bettor, an ILP provider, or an IBET staker.

Massive potential for expansion: Plans include expanding our platform to include on-chain sportsbooks, additional games, prediction markets, lotteries, and more. We are confident that these plans will significantly contribute to the growth of our platform.

Experienced team and developers: The team has a wealth of experience in the gambling and blockchain industries. Insanity Labs will provide the additional development runway to ensure that other 3rd party developers can benefit from our protocol.

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