đŸ’¯Multiplier Points

IBET Multiplier Points are designed to incentivize and reward our long-term stakers.

  1. Earning Multiplier Points: For every moment you stake your $IBET, you accumulate Multiplier Points up to 100% APR. So, if you've staked 1000 $IBET for a full year, you'd have earned an additional 1000 Multiplier Points.

  2. Utilizing Multiplier Points: Once you've earned Multiplier Points, you can stake them to enhance your rewards. On the $IBET Earn page, you can hit the "Compound" button, each Multiplier Point amplifies yield of your $IBET stake.

  3. Burning Mechanism: When you decide to unstake your $IBET or any of its derivatives, a corresponding amount of Multiplier Points gets burnt. For instance, if you've staked 1000 $IBET and accumulated 500 Multiplier Points, unstaking 300 $IBET would result in the burning of 150 Multiplier Points.

This burn mechanism applies to both staked and unstaked Multiplier Points.

  1. Transfer without Burn: If you wish to transfer staked tokens without triggering the burn of Multiplier Points, utilize the Transfer feature on our platform.

  2. Understanding the "Boost Percentage": Displayed on the Earn page, this metric indicates the boost you receive from your Multiplier Points. Let's say the ETH APR stands at 10%, and you've staked $10,000 worth of $IBET. Your base reward would be $1000 on an annualized basis.

    1. If your Multiplier Points equate to a 20% boost of your total staked amount, your "Boost Percentage" would read 20%, translating to an additional $200 in ETH rewards annually. The formula for this is: Boost Percentage = 100 * (Staked Multiplier Points) / (Staked $IBET + Staked derivatives)

    2. For instance: 100 * (4.5656) / (7.54 + 2.00) = 47.85%

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