💠Side Bets

Introducing "Side Bets", a revolutionary feature that allows our stakers to create additional betting scenarios on our slot games, adding layers of excitement and opportunities to win.

What are Side Bets?

Side Bets are additional wagers placed on specific scenarios within a game, independent of the main game's outcome. For instance, while the primary bet might be on the outcome of a coin flip, a side bet could be on a player achieving 10 heads in a row.

Benefits of Side Bets:

  • Enhanced Gamification: Side Bets introduce new layers of strategy and anticipation, making each game round more thrilling.

  • Increased Staking Incentives: Stakers can create new side bets, helping boost betting turnover as bettors chase the side bets. This therefore increases the staking yield by increasing the amount of betting fees generated.

  • Elevated Player Engagement: With more ways to win, players are more likely to engage, play, and participate in the InsanityBets ecosystem.

How It Works:

  1. Creation: Any staker can create a side bet, proposing a specific scenario on a slot game.

  2. Participation: Players automatically participate in any active side bet, adding to their potential winnings.

  3. Settlement: Side Bets are automatically settled based on the game's outcome, ensuring transparency and fairness.

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