đŸĨŠStaked $IBET = $sIBET

$sIBET simplifies your entry into the world of crypto earnings, offering a range of benefits that reward your participation:

  • Fee Revenue Sharing: As an $sIBETholder, you receive a 35% share of protocol fees, providing a steady potential return on your stake.

  • 1:1 Staking and Unstaking: Seamlessly convert between $IBET and $sIBET whenever you choose, with a straightforward 1:1 ratio for unstaking.

  • Yield from Real Protocol Revenue: Enjoy real yields generated from ILP and gaming transaction fees in $USDT and other tokens, a tangible reward for your investment.

  • $esIBET Stabilizes Yield: The potential distribution of $esIBET offers yield stabilization to ensure community-voted APR's are met.

  • Multiplier Points for Long-term Stakers: The longer you stake, the more you can earn. Multiplier Points can significantly increase your yield, up to 100%.

  • Reduced Fees for Stakers: Engaging with the protocol as an active staker comes with the perk of lower fees for bettors and ILP depositors.

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