đŸ”ĨBurned $IBET = $bIBET

Discover the value of $bIBET, a specialized staking derivative that offers you unique benefits as a token holder:

  • Permanent $IBET Supply Reduction: When you choose $bIBET, you're contributing to reducing the total circulating supply of $IBET, by permanently burning your tokens.

  • Enhanced Fee Revenue: Committing to $bIBET is rewarded with a substantial 50% share of the platform's fees, which is a notable increase over the 35% offered by $sIBET.

  • Exclusive Reward for Believers: Holding $bIBET signifies your long-term confidence in InsanityBet's protocol, positioning you to receive the highest fee percentage among all $IBET derivatives.

  • Non-Redeemable for $IBET: Unlike $sIBET, $bIBET stands as a testament to your belief in the project and cannot be directly exchanged back to $IBET, solidifying its exclusivity.

By holding $bIBET, you not only benefit from an increased share of fees but also align closely with the protocol's long-term success.

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