🔓Unlock Schedule / Vesting

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000.

Presale: 50%

$esIBET: 10%

Exchange Listings: 5%

Airdrop: 5%

Team: 30%

Pre-sale: 50%

50% (2,500,000,000) of the supply is allocated to the pre-sale event - improving decentralization by making the token owners the largest holder of the supply and ensuring that the community is invested in the project.

By being early to $IBET you get a chance to shape the future of the platform. Funds raised during the pre-sale will be used for liquidity on decentralized exchanges and supporting Insanity Labs to execute the roadmap.

$esIBET: 10%

This is the staking rewards escrowed token. It is released to enhance yield to a target percentage, and is only used when the real-yield does not meet this target percentage.

10% of the total supply will be distributed to $IBET stakers or $ILP holders. This helps bootstrap liquidity.

Exchange Listings / Market Makers / Liquidity Mining: 5%

5% of the total supply will be allocated to exchange listings to enable trading in $IBET. This includes decentralized exchanges, as well as centralized exchanges.

Centralized Exchanges often require a large deposit of tokens to help with liquidity of deposits / withdrawals as well as market making.

Market makers often take a Y-year hold of coins where they are contractually obliged to be net neutral by the end of the allotted period. This helps provide additional liquidity and a deeper market to trade on.

After liquidity is provided, we will lock the remaining tokens for 2 years. Once the timelock has finished, a community vote will be held on how long to re-lock the liquidity for.

Airdrop: 5%

To further boostrap and enhance user acquisition and retention, there will be an airdrop to active players and protocol users.

To avoid sybil attacks, we will not be releasing the criteria and requirements needed to meet the airdrop. However, they will be released after the snapshot has been taken for the airdrop itself.

Team: 30%

30% of the total supply will be allocated to Insanity Labs.

The Insanity Labs team have a cliff of 80 weeks - which are locked via smart contract. The presale to provide enough runway until this event.

At the end of the 80 weeks cliff the tokens are vested. Find more details about the team vesting schedule here.

This achieves three major things:

  1. prevents the token value from dropping on launch

  2. increases community involvement of holders (and community is everything in crypto!)

  3. enables deeper trading liquidity as the platform grows in user base and trading activity

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